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We are fpp.

A Shopper Marketing Agency.

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And when we’re shopping, we’re always spotting...

Unusual things.

Like this pineapple...

Abandoned in the washing powder aisle.

For us, it sparks our interest...

And fuels our curiosity.

It gets us questioning...


What was the shopper thinking?

Were they in a rush?

Who's it for?

Why was the shopper in the store?

Why did they place it here?

What are they replacing?

Is it the first time or the tenth time they've bought it?

Why didn't they buy it online?

Why didn't they pick a cheaper product?

Did they even notice the other brand?

How will they use it?

What else is in their basket?

Did somebody tell them to pick that one?

There are pineapples everywhere people shop, all you’ve got to do is look.

From products in wrong places, to abandoned baskets in aisle and online.

Pineapples signal problems, reveal meaning, guide priorities, start conversations and are awesome on pizza.

We use them to make it easy for shoppers to choose our clients’ brands.

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